Free Driving Tests

In partnership with the Grant County Library in proud to offer Free Kansas Driver Permit Practice Tests. These tests, for both automobile and motorcycle, along with the Driver Handbook for each, are available by clicking on the Databases page below.


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Kansas Humanities Talk-series Book Discussion Group


Kansas Humanities Talk About Literature In Kansas


What is it? A program for every Kansan who loves to read and discuss good books.

When is it? The last Monday evening of the month; typically, at 7:30 p.m. ( A specific schedule can be picked up at the front desk.)

Where is it? At the Grant County Library in the Cooper Clark Meeting Room.

So it’s a book discussion group?….. Yes! All adults in the community are invited to attend. A scholar will lead each discussion, give insight to the author and plot of the story, and encourage lively discussion!

If you enjoy books that are… interesting…entertaining..enlightening…AND the energy a great book discussion creates…. Check out what the current series is now! Books are available at the front desk!

This program is free for adults! Bring a friend! Refreshments served!

Current Series: Growing Up:

“Rites of passage” is the term for rituals used by different cultures to mark the entrance of an individual into adulthood and full membership of the community. Western societies have not routinely marked the passage to adulthood with such dramatic and ritualized events as those chronicled by anthropologists like Margaret Mead and Victor Turner, but our won culture’s ceremonial markers, driver’s licenses, draft cards, restrictions on drinking age, voting rights’ have their own unique mix of drama and t ritual. The transition to adulthood is a deeply fraught passage, involving coming to terms with sexuality, choosing a career path, and generally making one’s way in an adult world.

If coming of age is broadly universal, it is also always deeply particular and personal. Place , time, and condition always infuse the ways in which individual people come to adulthood, and the genre, reflects this. Coming of age in Afghanistan in the 1970s is a different experience from coming of age in the American South in the 1950s. coming of age as a woman is different than coming of age as a man. Disabilities, like autism, change the experience as well. The books in this series reflect this range of experience.


Seed Library

PicMonkey Collage

Do you want to do something new this Summer?

Grow a garden……

Can you think of a project that the whole

family can participate in that doesn’t break the budget?

Grow a garden……

Are you looking for ways to cut your grocery bill?

Grow a garden………

Does the tv, video games, or other electronic devices keep you and your children indoors more than you should be?

Grow a garden………

Would you like to have fresh food to share with your family, friends and neighbors ?

Grow a garden……

Spend some time with your family gardening this summer and see what grows!

We have what you need to get started!


The Grant County Library would like to help you get started… we’ve created a Seed Library with 17 heirloom vegetable seed varieties available for free!

Handouts and books are displayed to start you on your gardening adventure!

At the end of the growing season harvest some seeds from the best vegetables you’ve grown and return to the library to keep our Seed Library going for next year’s gardeners.

(Free re-sealable envelopes are available)


Summer Reading Sign Up Begins May 1st!

Summer is a great time to relax, take vacations, and catch up on reading. Why does the Library offer a Summer Reading program for adults?

  • To nurture a sense of community- The Library is a great place to meet your neighbors and members of your community.
  • To encourage reading for pleasure- Did you know that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by more than two-thirds? That’s better than sipping a cup of tea, taking a long walk or listening to music!
  • To help our children learn- Research shows that students who read four to five books over the summer score better on fall reading tests. Set a great example for the young people in your life…Read together!
  • To provide opportunities for lifelong learning- The pursuit of knowledge through lifelong learning has wonderful benefits for adults.

The adult program begins as soon as you sign up! Enjoy the program throughout the summer. To celebrate and end the program the Library will host an Adult Summer Reading party on August 28th at 6:00 p.m. with a light supper, prizes, and lively conversation about what you’ve read during the program. Pick up a category sheet when you sign up at the front desk; use it through-out the reading program, then bring it with you to the party and share your comments with the group.

Mango Languages


Learn a language. Minus the boring stuff.

The Kansas State Library provides Mango Services for anyone wanting to learn another language! Over 40 foreign languages to explore. Over 15 ESL courses taught in patron’s native language. Learn anytime and anywhere with remote access through our website.