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The library has a new, fun Educational Play Area that is designed as a learning envir0nment  for infants, toddlers, and their families.  What is play?  It’s  a way for a child to develop, master, and conquer their world.  It focuses on the process and not the product.  It fuels a child’s curiosity and builds their imagination.  Play fosters developments in: social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional growth.  Healthy play builds the basics for reading, writing, mathematical reasoning, and prepares children for their adult lives. 

What parents should know:  Parents and caregivers are their children’s first and most important teacher.  Follow your child’s lead, see what interests your child.  Talk to children while playing, give them time to respond. 

Developmental progression of play:  Through different stages of play, children grow and develop skills in many areas.  Its important to remember that children will play in curious ways at different ages.  Just because they get older it doesn’t mean they do not continue to use earlier learned forms of play! When you play with your child: BE FUN! 

Be happy and involved. 

Excercise your mind and try to think like them. 

Follow their rules. 

Understand your child might need some solitary play. 

Nurture their interests.  (90% Child + 10% Toy= Growing Brains in Children). 

Guidlines:  The play area is designed to be a fun, safe, friendly environment and a chance for parents and children to bond.  The library staff ask that you follow these guidlines to make your play time an enjoyable experience for everyone:  Stay in the play area with your 1-3 year old child at all times.  Please drop any toy that your child puts in their mouth in a “Yucky Bucket” for disinfecting.  Please do not throw toys or run in the children’s department.  Parents and caregivers must participate in cleaning up after his/her child.  Please put all toys in their designated area.  Older children may use the play area if they can play gently, follow the guidelines and are not disruptive. 

The Children’s Department has added a new Parenting Collection with books, magazines and dvds especially for parents with babies and young children.



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