Grant County Library Meeting Rooms

The Grant County Library has two meeting rooms for adult use; a conference room which seats eight people and  the Cooper Clark meeting room which seats sixty people. The Cooper Clark meeting room has an attached kitchen facility for serving prepared food. The Library welcomes the use of these meeting rooms for adult organizations by reserve.  Organizations are asked to review the meeting room policy and fill out a contract which will be kept on file at the Library.  A twenty five dollar fee is charged for each reserve. Exceptions to this fee are use by government agencies and non-profit organizations engaged in educational, civic, cultural, intellectual, and charitable activities and Friends of the Grant County Library Associates.
Meeting rooms are available by reserve during library hours: Monday-Friday 9:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. If you need to reserve a meeting room, please contact Holly Mathes at  356-1433. She will help you make a reservation and give you some helpful information.


Interlibrary Loan

If we do not have the item you want, we may be able to borrow it from another library. The Grant County Library is part of a cooperative system of libraries that lend each other materials. This is called Interlibrary loan. Our borrowing is mostly from libraries in Kansas, but we can borrow materials from all over the nation! Most of our loan requests are granted and items are usually available in less than two weeks.